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Title: Akwizycja języka angielskiego przez sześcio- i siedmiolatków w świetle elektyzmu metodycznego


It is believed that the way the teacher introduces new vocabulary and grammar structures is directly connected with students’ results in tests and furthermore with the language acquisition. Due to that fact the teachers are advised to choose the approach that will help the students absorb the new material efficiently and at the same time in a pleasant way. Some of the teachers tend to use traditional methods and the others decide to use the unconventional ones. However, there are also such teachers who tend to introduce the new material with the help of eclecticism combining both traditional and unconventional methods of teaching. The main aim of this dissertation was to carry out an experiment in order to check the effectiveness of eclecticism among 6- and 7-year olds while learning English. A primary school teacher was being observed while introducing new vocabulary and basic expressions among both age groups on the beginner level. The pupils at the age of six and seven, who started the first grade, took part in the experiment which lasted from September 2015 to June 2016. The children had never learnt English before. During the introduction of the new material the English teacher was using songs, pictures, objects and hand puppets. After each unit of the book the children were supposed to take a test in order to check their skills. The aim of the study was to present the group of students at the particular age that learns English more effectively during the first grade as well as the influence of the eclecticism on the process of teaching and learning, motivation, the interest of the lesson and the foreign language as well as the discipline during the lessons.

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