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Title: The conditioning of hermeneutic competences of students of pedagogy


The main purpose of the research studies presented in the article was first to determine the essence of the hermeneutic competences of students of pedagogy, and then the factors affecting their improvement in the conditions of the university. At the basis of the belief in the need to introduce this type of competences to academic teaching were the contemporary discourses about the new - strong professionalism, additionally enlightened by hermeneutics to improve the quality and depth of the work performed and the postulate that the teaching should focus not only on the measurable competences, but also hermeneutic capabilities, related to the responsibility and ability to understand, interpret and form oneself and the world as meaningful wholes constituted by sense. When analysing contemporary society and education the general conclusion does emphasize the meaning and necessity of specific formation of hermeneutical competences for students of pedagogy (as well as any other social professions) in the course of carefully thought-out process of studying and teaching at universities and as part of learning under the self-education process. The study consists of three complementary parts, the first one explains the origins and meaning of hermeneutical competences, the second - the structure and levels of these competences, and the third - the factors deciding on the formation of hermeneutical competences of students of pedagogy in the light of our studies in action.

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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach

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Studia Pedagogiczne. Problemy społeczne, edukacyjne i artystyczne

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tom 37

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