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The concept of the Energy Union - constraints and barriers to implementation


The subject of this doctoral dissertation is the analysis of the concept Energy Union. Energy Union is the first total project of integration in the Member States in the energy sector which was officially announced by the European Comission in 2015. The subject of research is the European integration field of energy and processes of strengthening cooperation within the framework of the concept of the Energy Union initiated by the European Commission in 2015. The main subject of research is the current state of the energy sector in the EU and the conditions for the implementation of the energy union concept. The main aim of the dissertation is a comprehensive analysis of the concept of the Energy Union from its announcement through implementation to the official declaration that the concept has been implemented. The study examined whether the energy union was actually achieved both in legal and practical terms.This dissertation is a theoretical and empirical study, in the discipline of political science. The Thesis consists of an Introduction, six chapters, a Conclusion and a Bibliography. One main hypothesis and five specific internal security hypotheses were applied to achieve the primary goal. The hypotheses were verified based on a search of source documents and legal acts of the European Union and book publications, mainly with the monographic method and content analysis method. In the first chapter of this thesis details the definitions of the following terms that were presented: definition of the Energy Union and energy security. In chapter one, the author analyzed the history of integration in the energy sector within the European Union and presents the genesis Energy Union. This chapter identifies the risks associated with its implementation and indicates barriers to its implementation, e.g. legal barriers, political and technical barriers - infrastructural, financial and barriers related to the flow of information. Chapter II of the work is devoted to the characteristics of the Energy Union. It presents the conditions of the energy union and, in particular, defines the threats, challenges and opportunities for the concept of the energy union. Chapter III describes and analyzes the main assumptions of the Energy Union - five mutually supportive dimensions. The chapter presents the measures that will be taken to ensure energy security and build the internal energy market. Then, actions were analyzed to achieve the goal of energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and achievement of the RES target. The last aspect described in this chapter is the implementation of assumptions in the field of research, innovation, and competitiveness. In chapter IV, author analyses the legal acts and acts of soft law of the EU about Energy The union between the years 2016 - 2021. Chapter V lists the priority projects for the implementation of the Energy Union, broken down into four parts: gas, electricity, renewable energy, and oil. Chapter VI contains three scenarios for the future of the Energy Union - positive, negative, and neutral. Based on the activities and external factors affecting the Energy Union so far, an analysis has been carried out and forecasts for the Energy Union have been presented. The Conclusion summarizes the research, responding to the research questions and hypotheses presented in the Introduction.

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Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach


Soroka, Paweł ; Trubalska, Justyna (1985- ). Promotor pomocniczy


Haliżak, Marian Edward ; Ruszel, Mariusz


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