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Title: Discourse Linguistics and Beyond. Vol. 6. A collection of research papers and insights based on International Round Table Discussions. Research Values & Foci in a Changing World (special multilanguage volume)


Oukhvanova, Irina. Red. ; Król-Kumor, Martyna. Red.


Discourse-Analysis Round table “D-ART” as an international project based on the Round Table discussion format, which can be viewed as a collection and construction of the ways contemporary linguistics in Eastern Europe and beyond, implies investigating as it does such a macro-level unit as discourse. Collective reflection does not prevent individual voices from being represented to the benefit of discussion and field grounding. The genres involved vary from research and opinion articles to individual insights and reflections, with a view to enabling Discourse Linguistics to present itself in various aspects and from different focal points. It makes the approaches grounded and balanced within the frameworks existing in the region and beyond. D-ART is focused on giving the scholars engaged in the field an opportunity to present themselves and their findings. Volume 6 is a special multilingual volume, which represents the community of the Field Committee of the Linguistics of Discourse – FCLD (http://www.ilij.ujk.edu.pl) of the International Committee of Slavists, part of Unesco educational programme. In its four Round Tables, the participants of the volume: develop the idea of content-context transformational nature of discourse in functioning; discover the undercrossing specifics of social-individual meaning-making; implement discourse expertise in different domains of human activities – human rights, academic teaching and research, behavioural and interactive practices. One of the goals of this volume is to familiarise the reader with the variety of issues which have been discussed lately. The volume does not include all the articles submitted for publication. Consequently, we are open to continue sharing multilingual presentations to give the chance to all scholars who wish to make a personal contribution to our multilingual experiment. Multilanguage specifics of the volume have a special task to collect data for a future multilingual dictionary of the terminology of discourse research – Discourse Linguistics and its satellite disciplines, focusing mainly on its research object and methodology in their variation and development, just as qualitative research perspective within its elements of subjectivity, intentionality, and cultural motivation, but also on verification practices, which brings the qualitative perspective the objectivity as such and, thus, a definite balance.

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Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach

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rosyjski ; angielski ; bułgarski ; czeski ; ukraiński ; francuski



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Jan 23, 2023

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