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Celina Bobińska (1913-1997). The history of Marxist historiography in Poland after 1945


Research on the biography and work of historians is an important research problem within the subdiscipline of the history of historiography. In a narrower sense, the history of historiography is the history of historical science. In a broader sense, its scope also includes research in the field of historical awareness and historical thought in non-scientific forms of historical discourse, i.e. literature or art, as well as research on the institutional background of historical science. The aim of the dissertation is to present the intellectual biography of Celina Bobińska (1913-1997), a historian associated with the Warsaw and Krakow scientific community, and to analyze her scientific and journalistic work. The work is a historiographic and methodological case study in the historiography of the People's Republic of Poland. The case of Celina Bobińska can be inscribed in the history of "Marxist historiography" in Poland after 1945. The dissertation consists of two parts. The first concerns the intellectual biography of the main character and was written in a classic way. It can be called an autotelic case study. The second part, concerning the work of Bobińska, is a mixed case study. The chronological framework of the dissertation is primarily the period of the historiography of the years 1945-1989. In this dissertation, while remaining in line with the title and the main assumptions of the work, the analysis of Bobińska's scientific work will constitute a major part of the scientific biography of the historian. It is to serve as an introduction and a basis for historiographic considerations. The biography outlined in the dissertation, however, will have a significant impact on the analysis of the main character's work. The life courses will explain, for example, the adoption of specific values and thus determine the assessment of events and processes in the history of Poland.

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Pomorski, Jan ; Stobiecki, Rafał


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